ILLNES VS RIGGIR – “I’m An Animal” (Official Audio)

I’m An Animal ft. Illnes & Riggir

The collaboration and clash of two of Santa Ana’s most prolific MCs. Illnes Infection and Riggirmortis invade your stereo with this mixtape monstrosity of raw golden era skills combined with horrorcore savagery to bring you another element of the savage movement invading HipHop. Take the trap out our stereo its about to get murdered!!!

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Salvajes is a group of Emcees, Breakers, DJs , and activists that representing a conscious Hip-Hop movement in Santa Ana and all over the world. We stand for justice and equality in our communities and Hip Hop is our vehicle of revolution towards liberation! Our sound is classic, gritty, boombap type of Hip Hop with a mix of cultural, bilingualism, and political commentary.

We live and breathe Hip Hop and this is our vessel to take back that which has been taken from us through genocide, gentrification, and cultural appropriation. We were referred to and treated like wild animals, and killed just the same. We have chosen this as our name because it is a word that we use to describe the passion, love, skill and tenacity it takes to live in this concrete jungle. They called us and our way of life savage, while we knew then as we know now, that our way of life was holistic, communal, self-reliant and simple. While once we shied away from words and actions that would make the colonizers think we were “savage” and not worthy of the same rights as they, now we proudly say YES, I AM A SAVAGE. SI, SOY SALVAJE!

Our colonization is more than the theft of lands and culture but also of our minds and of our future. We seek to bring awareness to our struggle and decolonize ourselves from the systems of oppression.

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